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Donating to the Carinbundi Foundation

Thank you for making a donation to the Carinbundi Foundation.
Did you know that People with disability are more than twice as likely to live in poverty as other Australians.  By pledging just $5 per week you can be part of the solution.  That is the cost of a take-away coffee!

For $5 per week you can change the life of a Person living with a disability!

The Carinbundi Foundation is a registered Australian charity and all donations are tax deductible.

For the cost of a coffee you can make a difference

If you don't have a PayPal account, click the Donate with a Card option on the donate page.


Do You Have More Questions
Can I make a donation by credit card without a PayPal account?

Yes you certainly can. Simply click on the ‘Make a donation’ button and on the next page choose the lower button which reads ‘Donate with a card’ and enter your details.

Are my credit card details secure?

We use PayPal to handle transactions. PayPal is is a secure platform trusted by people and businesses to handle millions of transactions every day around the world.

What is the money used for?

Tha Carinbundi Foundation buys property specifically so that people living with a disability can have a secure home. They live in Supported Independent Living which has been proven to help them live a fuller, more complete life and reach their full potential.

Please feel welcome to explore our website to find out more about the work we do.


How to Donate
Simply click the donate button using your credit card via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account.

Only Donate What You Can Afford
For your convenience, you can choose a preset amount of $10, $25 or $100 or manually set an amount  you feel comfortable with. All donations are much appreciated.