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The People of the Carinbundi Foundation

The Carinbundi Foundation relies on a network of people who generously provide their time and resources to help us fulfil our mission.

Friends of the Carinbundi Foundation

Friends of the Carinbundi Foundation fill many roles. They volunteer as fundraisers. They help spread our message. Some even spend time with our clients teaching them new skills from cooking to music. If you’d like to help, talk to us about becoming a Friend of the Carinbundi Foundation.


We are grateful to our supporters who contribute to the financial needs of the Carinbundi Foundation in a number of ways. Our valued supporters range from individuals through to corporations.

Board of Directors

Rosemary Fry

Chair/Board Secretary

Rosemary became involved with Carinbundi after becoming a full-time carer for her sister in 2002. Since then, Rosemary has been a Board Member of Burnett Respite Services Ltd, trading as Carinbundi and is also Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee.

Rosemary’s background is in administration and accounting and she also serves as the Board Secretary of the Carinbundi Foundation Board.

Diane Nedwich

Non-Executive Director

Diane is a founding member of the Burnett Respite Services Ltd board. As the mother of a son with a disability, Diane brings a wealth of first-hand knowledge to the Carinbundi Foundation board, especially around the day-to-day living requirements of our clients and their families.

Clive Pearce

Non-Executive Director

Clive has extensive corporate and non-for-profit senior management experience, delivering results for both large and small organisations across the world. He is passionate about, and committed to ensuring people living with a disability have access to high quality and affordable homes for life, for as long as they want or need them.