We are thrilled to let you know that your support has helped us get to the stage where our two houses now have residents!  😀😘🏡 The residents have been able to move into their “forever home”.

It is so exciting to see our vision of Homes for Life for People living with a disability in Bundaberg come to fruition. 

This could not have been done without all of our donors and supporters.  THANK-YOU!

What’s Next for the Carinbundi Foundation?

Our vision continues to be homes for life for People living with a disability in Bundaberg.  We will continue to fund raise so we can continue to build suitable homes.  

Our goal is to raise $8,000 per month. 

 What will this do?  It will help pay insurances, rates, mortgage payments, repairs & maintenance.  It will also help us build a deposit to buy/build additional residences. More importantly, it will enable us to keep the rental cost as low as possible for our residents. 

What does this mean for residents?

It could mean pizza with friends.  It could mean owning a pet.  It could mean a night at the movies.  It could mean joining an exercise class or gym.  It could mean having a night out with friends dancing or bowling.  

It could mean residents can do some of the things that many of us take for granted!

Monthly Giving Challenge

We are looking for 1600 people to pledge just $5 per month. That’s the cost of a take-away coffee! 

We are a registered charity in Bundaberg building homes for life for People living with a disability so they can live with dignity, freedom, safety and independence. 

We are not a developer or an investor.  You can be assured that the Carinbundi Foundation houses will always be there for People living with a disability.

You can be part of this life-changing project by making a tax-deductible monthly donation through our secure website.  


For the cost of a coffee you can make a difference