Disability Housing in Bundaberg is why the Carinbundi Foundation was established. We want to address the housing needs of Bundaberg People living with a disability. Our vision is to build quality, affordable disability housing in Bundaberg. We are looking for donors and supporters to continue this legacy – Can you help?

“Access to adequate, safe, secure, accessible and affordable housing is a fundamental human right and one stipulated in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

“People with disabilities experienced disadvantage across all housing indicators, and people with intellectual and psychological disabilities fared worst.” These findings suggest that there is a housing crisis for Australians with disabilities (Zoe Aitken, 2018)

Zoe Aitken (2018)

What difference can ‘Buying a $5 Brick’ make?

If everybody in Bundaberg (approximately 69,000 people) bought a $5 brick, the two new homes being built for People in Bundaberg living with a disability would be virtually mortgage-free!

What does that mean for residents?

Rent on these homes could be less than market value. Residents could have an extra $25+ per week in their pocket from their disability support pension (DSP).

These houses are NOT investment properties! The Carinbundi Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission of “Homes for Life for People living with a disability in Bundaberg”. Savings would always be passed onto the residents.

Money saved by residents on rent could go towards all sorts of things that many of us take for granted. For example:

Saving for a holiday or a week-end away, having a meal out, owning a pet, buying gifts for family members, having an extra game of ten-pin bowling, paying for internet or mobile phone, going to the movies and having popcorn! The list is endless!

What does this mean for our Community?

The majority of these savings would go back into our Community keeping people in jobs. This is so important, especially during these Covid-19 times when many small businesses are struggling to survive.

Having equity in these two new houses would enable the Carinbundi Foundation (a registered Australian charity) to look at other housing models to ensure that we continue to provide quality, affordable homes for People living with a disability in Bundaberg.

• Jobs for local builders and tradespeople
• Jobs for Support Workers
• Additional money circulating in our community keeping businesses alive and people in jobs.

You can help by supporting the Carinbundi Foundation as we build homes for life for People living with a disability in Bundaberg. https://www.carinbundifoundation.org.au/buyabrick/

Carinbundi has been providing disability support in Bundaberg since 1994. Services include:

  • Disability Housing – Bundaberg (Supported Independent Living)
  • Community Inclusion (Learning & Lifestyle)
  • Respite
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Short & Medium Term Accommodation

Ways you can help

Here are a few ideas but we would welcome your suggestions. Give us a call on 07 4158 9641.

  • Donate via our website, http://carinbundifoundation.org.au
  • Fundraise for us, eg. Golf Day, Cent Sale, Bike Ride, High Tea, Concert
  • Corporate Partnership – We can develop a mutually beneficial partnership with your organisation.
  • Birthday Pledge / Memorial Gift
  • Donate goods & services (household items, gardening, cooking etc.)