North Bundaberg Lions and Richers Bricks & Pavers support the Carinbundi Foundation’s Buy-a-Brick campaign.

“The Carinbundi Foundation is about to start building their first two houses for people living with a disability”, said Keli Loeskow, Chair of the Foundation.

“The buy-a-brick campaign commenced last year and we have had a really positive response from Bundaberg people as well as businesses.  Bundaberg people are very generous and I think they saw this as a way they could support local people. What better way than bricks and mortar?”

“It’s not just about bricks and mortar though.  It is about providing people with dignity, freedom, safety and independence,” said Keli. 

Housing is a basic human right

Housing is a basic human right and it is often a barrier for people with a disability, including those with a developmental or intellectual disability, to fully participating in their community.

“We like to support local organisations who are making a difference,” said Melita McIntyre, Depot Manager at Richers Bricks & Pavers.

Members of the North Bundaberg Lions Club are also well and truly behind the Carinbundi Foundation’s Buy-a-Brick campaign.

“A better place to live, work and grow.  That is what the Lions Club stands for and that is what the Carinbundi Foundation is all about as well.  Ensuring local Bundaberg people living with a disability have a place to live, work and grow,” said Charlie Sorenson from the North Bundaberg Lions Club.

“As a local service club, it is important for our members to support locals so we are really proud to be part of the new houses being built.  We want to shout-out to other local service clubs to get behind this local charity.”

“It feels good knowing that we are going to help provide a safe and secure home for somebody living with a disability.  It is also good to know that this will bring peace of mind to families knowing their loved ones are living in a safe and supported environment.”

“Invisible” disabilities

 “Often when the term “disability house” is used, people immediately think of wheel-chair specific or special disability accommodation.” 

“We shouldn’t overlook how difficult it can be for those living with an intellectual or ‘invisible’ disability to find quality, affordable homes.” said Keli.

Anybody can donate to the Carinbundi Foundation to help build quality, affordable houses for people living with a disability.

For more information:  Contact – Debra Phillips, [email protected]