Supported Independent Living (SIL). The Carinbundi Foundation vision is for People living with a disability to have their forever home so I thought I would chat to Amber and get a greater understanding of what her life is like living in SIL.

“I am 25 years old and not getting any younger,” said Amber who is a natural-born comedian. 

When asked about Supported Independent Living, Amber said she had a lot of fun and liked the support workers and liked meeting the admin staff at Carinbundi as well. 

“I go out a lot and have made friends.  There’s always something happening like movies, bowling, going to Across the Waves.

We also do the grocery shopping together, share bills like phone, power and rent and I save money every week for holidays and things. Most of the cooking is done by me which I like doing.”

Amber attends a number of programs which have been designed to suit her individual needs and these include Body & Movement, Fishing & Camping as well as educational classes.

Covid-19 Lock Down

“I hated being in lock-down!  It was so boring.  I learnt to make bangles & bows with a friend,” she said.

Bows & Bangles made
Amber showing the bows she made during lock-down.

“Mostly, I missed spending time with friends and seeing the office staff.”

A keen animal lover, Amber and her housemate have a dog, “Tinkerbell” which she described as a “crazy little unit”.  Amber has done an awesome job training “Tink” which is a real credit to her.

“I volunteer at the RSPCA.  I love it there.  I get to cuddle the animals but I also do the dirty work, too.  I do cleaning and make treat balls.”

“One day I’d like to work in a proper zoo.  Last time I visited Australia Zoo, I got to cuddle a koala which was awesome.” #AustraliaZoo

Amber and a friend are saving to take a short holiday once things settle down after the Covid-19 restrictions.

“We are going to the Gold Coast to visit Dream World and Sea World.  I am saving my money for this and am selling my bows & macramé bracelets for some spending money.  Bows are $3 for small, $7 for large and bangles are 3 for $5.”